a freshly made bed

Today was one of those perfect summer days on the island. The kind that makes me think, "I could really live here." The air was cool and fresh. Light streamed in through the windows and a light breeze made our white cotton curtains dance. Ahhh. I made the bed and we just celebrated by laying there. Clearly, we love a freshly made bed in this house.


Sources: Our ticking stripe bedding is from Ikea and the accent pillow is made of antique kilim rugs. It was purchased at a small store Bainbridge Island. The baskets on the vintage dresser are from Target. Our apartment wasn't fully furnished,  but the previous tenant left several items including the bed frame.  We felt it suited our needs and decided to use it while we live in this space. I have to say, I've actually come to appreciate its rustic simplicity.