For the past month or so, I have been reflecting on twenty twelve... what I learned, what went well, what did not, what inspired me and my vision for the new year.  This proved to be a cathartic process. I wept, I meditated, I journaled, I laughed and I spoke with friends. Thankfully,  the experience was positive as it made me feel stronger and more hopeful. When evaluating my life and making plans for the new year, one central theme kept emerging: focus on what I love and build my life around it.

This year I'm looking forward to...

1. Becoming a new mother. I cannot believe that in three short months I will be able to kiss and hold the little one I have been carrying for so long. I am still in awe of the changes my body is undergoing, the plans I am making for my child's arrival, and the reality that no matter how much I plan, I truly have no idea how my life will change when my baby finally arrives. It is so powerful.

2. Spending time with those I love. With a baby on the way, I know that I will be blessed with an abundance of visits from family and friends. I have no expectations and I am simply thankful that I will get to share this special time with them. 

3. Staying close to home. I must admit that for someone with incurable wanderlust this feels to be a bit of a stretch. Still, I accept that life will change with the arrival of baby, and nesting with my little one and reveling in life's smallest pleasures is a welcome change.  With the arrival of spring, I look forward to sweet snuggles, walks with the stroller and watching the flowers bloom as my little one does as well.

4. Building a partnership with Peter.  I love this man so much. I want to build a life with him that is rich and true, and I want us to grow together as a couple and as parents.  We have a long way to go...but we are committed to each other. 

I welcome you 2013. You are going to be splendid indeed.