2014 goals

Hello friends! Happy New Year.  As we begin 2014, my heart is full with the abundant blessings in my life. This year I look forward to documenting my family's journey as often as I can. I am inspired to write, photograph, create & share. My goal is to do a little of these things each day, while still keeping peace in my heart. I hope to achieve this balance by sharing (and celebrating) small moments from my everyday life. As a mother of a nine-month-old with aspirations to simplify my life, I feel pretty confident that this goal aligns with my values for the coming year.

Let me begin by sharing my favorite moment so far...

On our drive home from visiting family on New Year's Day, Peter held my hand and declared, "2014 is the year of love." As we talked, laughed and connected on our ride home, I felt confident that he was right. Cheers to the moments that will become this year's memories.

celebrate them!.jpg