a year in review

2013 was the most beautiful year of my life. That isn't to say it wasn't without its hardships, but the birth of my son and a whole lot of faith made all of those difficult times fade away.  Below I have shared my  month-by-month highlight reel of the past year. If you are new to my site or my work, welcome! 2014 is going to be a great year.

January was beautiful and unseasonably warm. I took advantage of the mild weather to enjoy solo picnics and outdoor lunches with friends.  It was a beautiful time for reflection, appreciating the beauty of pregnancy and a time for taking quiet moments before baby. I also put the finishing touches on Henry's nursery and celebrated his arrival with my baby shower!

February was a busy month. I worked around the clock to prepare for baby. This included nesting around the house, taking childbirth classes and long hours at the office. It was difficult being away from Peter this Valentine's Day, but he still made it special and sent me flowers! We even got a dusting of snow and a touch of ice. I was relieved that it was very mild because I definitely didn't want any falls or slips in the snow with just a month until Henry's due date!

March.. Oh, sweet March. On March 26, 2013, just one day shy of his due date, Henry made his debut into the world. And it will never look the same again...

April was a blur of early mornings, flower-filled spring walks and endless moments of wonder as we bonded with Henry. Oh yeah! We managed to squeeze in getting married too. Shortly after, Peter returned to work in Washington, and I wondered how in the world I was going to manage to move across the country in just one short month.

In early May, I flew across the county with Henry to join Peter in Washington and to embark on a completely new chapter of our lives. For much of that first month, we lived in a hotel on the Naval base, until we were able to find an apartment.

In June we settled into our apartment in Bainbridge Island, Washington. I quickly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest through local travels, walks around the island & ferry rides to Seattle.

July was a busy, hot & eventful. We took our first roadtrip since Henry's birth, traveling west of the Cascades to beautiful Lake Chelan. The clear, glacial water was the perfect remedy for 100 degree temps! Henry also took his second flight this month (future jet setter!) as we headed home to North Carolina for my brother-in-law's wedding and Henry's baptism.

August was a quiet month spent mostly on the island. We enjoyed the fleeting days of summer with outdoor lunches, long walks & trips to the farmer's market.

September was a month of end-of-summer adventures and slowly settling into a new routine for the fall. It was month in which I finally began to feel like an island resident instead of an intrepid traveler. The best thing I did in September was get involved in activities to enhance my physical, social, and spiritual well being. I also finally made some friends on the island!

With October came cool weather, changing leaves & an abundance of fall activities. My parents came into town for a week and I really enjoyed taking them into Seattle and on a beautiful drive out the Olympic Peninsula. Henry enjoyed his first visit to the pumpkin patch and also his first Halloween!

November was one of my favorite months of the year. The weather was crisp, the leaves were at their most brilliant & it was a relatively peaceful month. Peter was deployed this month, which meant that Henry and I were alone for the first time since his birth. It was tiring, but I stayed positive by getting out, visiting friends in Seattle, staying involved & giving thanks each day for a month through a "30 Days of Thanksgiving" challenge.

December. Here we are at the end of another year. I am so thankful for such a beautiful holiday season to end 2013. With a very special 32nd birthday spent in Seattle, Henry's first Christmas, and traveling home to North Carolina to be with our families, I could not be more blessed.