dear henry // 10 months old

Dear Henry,

Where did the time go? I cannot believe that in two short months you will be one year old. This month, more than ever, you have developed into your own person. Your laughter is more infectious, your cries are more heart-wrenching & your courage knows no bounds.

You cruise along furniture and walk when we hold your hands. Sometimes I look over and you are standing all by yourself. The other day you took our breath away when you took a single step toward your daddy. You did it all by yourself and you were not afraid. You also love to play. You crawl after us, explore corners of the rooms in our home, throw a ball with your daddy and you love to dump out baskets and empty out drawers. It often makes a mess, but I promise I do not mind. It excites me to watch your curiosity grow.

I love to hear your voice. You vocalize nonstop and imitate us more & more. Right now your favorite words are mama, dada, no, wow, hi, nay nay (you use this in place of mama sometimes) and yum.

Speaking of yum, you sure do love to eat these days. I was a little bit worried about your appetite after your nine month checkup. You see, you are a skinny little guy. I have a feeling that tummy will be growing soon. You really enjoy sampling food and feeding yourself. Your pincer grasp is awesome and you can pick up all your food now.

We love watching you grow and we know with certainty that every day is a new adventure with you, little man. The countdown to toddlerhood is on.

Love, Your Mama