henry turns one!

In a blink,  Henry's first year on this earth has come and gone. It is a reason for a celebration if there ever was one. I always thought that we would celebrate Henry's first birthday at home. I envisioned cake, a single candle and my little boy smiling at his mommy and daddy. But as the day drew near, my husband and I chose a more transient location...the ferry!. From as early as ten weeks old, Henry has loved taking the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. These days he lights up when he realizes we are boarding the boat. I love to watch him stare out the window, gazing at the water and babbling as the seagulls fly by.

I loved the simplicity and sense of adventure that came with a teeny tiny celebration on the ferry. We set up quickly, enjoyed cake with a handful of friends over a 35-minute ride, cleaned up even more quickly, and arrived in Seattle. As a special treat, we all walked over to the Seattle Great Wheel and took a ride before our return trip to the island. 

Henry was all smiles all day long. As soon as we attached the huge bunch of balloons to his stroller, he seemed to know that it was a special day just for him!  He would grin from ear to ear as passengers and pedestrians stopped to wish him a happy first birthday. My heart basically melted into a puddle within the first ten minutes. It was a pretty magical day.