dear henry // 9 months old

Dear Henry,

It was such a joy to celebrate your first Christmas yesterday. Watching you tear into the paper and bows with a huge smile on your face made your father and I so happy. It is hard to believe that in three short months, you will be a year old! We are so blessed to share our lives with you, the little adventurer who lights up the world with your smile. I love watching you explore every inch of the house, yet I worry over every object that you want to climb on or put into your mouth. I find myself saying "no" more than I ever expected, and trying not to smile when you are mischievous. I really enjoy watching you taste a variety of foods and cheering you on as you learn to eat finger foods. And, as always, my favorite part of being your mama is being close to you....sharing sweet snuggles, hearing you say "mama" and feeling your cheek against mine when you are seeking comfort. I am so excited to see what this month holds.

Love, Your Mama