dear henry // 4 months old

Dear Henry,

Today you are four months old. You love snuggling with mommy and daddy, smiling all the time and you are rolling over now! You have taken many trips and had many firsts in the last month. We took your first road trip to Lake Chelan in Central Washington. You swam for the first time with your mommy in a swimming pool. The last day of our trip you laughed for the very first time while your daddy was holding you. Mommy was climbing out of the lake after a swim and I heard that glorious sound. You even took a plane ride all the way to North Carolina for your Uncle Kevin and Aunt Meredith's wedding. Everyone loved holding you and kissing you. On that same joyful day, we also celebrated your baptism. We have been very busy, but the biggest joys have been sharing these experiences with you. Right now we are still in North Carolina, spending time with your grandparents and mommy's friends. Soon, we will fly home to Washington to see Daddy. I know you will love to see him again.

Love, Your Mama