dear henry // 1 month old

Dear Henry,

How is it possible that a month has past already? Henry, you have made this month the very best and brightest of my entire life. Every day you wake with the first morning light and I rock you as we listen to the birds chirp outside our bedroom window. Then all day, Mommy and Daddy hold you, snuggle with you, nap with you and look at you with so much love. We take in all the little details that make you the person you are. We love your tiny hands and feet, your soft skin, your sweet eyes and long eyelashes. You must know that you are one month old today because you are smiling and cooing nonstop. Some of your coos even sound like a laugh. I cannot imagine how I will fall in love with you even more than I already do, but everyone tells me I will. I am so thankful for you, baby boy.

Love, Your Mama.