pregnant in the pnw: part one

When I was six weeks pregnant with Henry,  I visited Peter in Seattle. It probably was not the smartest decision for me to travel, especially cross country. My morning sickness was terrible (it felt more like sea sickness!) and all I wanted to do was curl up in an air conditioned room and cry. Nevertheless, I got some wonderful photos of this trip (if you look closely you can spy my teeny baby bump!). 

On my first night in Washington, Peter booked a room at a downtown Seattle hotel. We were able to walk to Pike Place Market and dinner easily, which was lovely for a slow, perpetually hot, preggo lady. I laugh when I see these photos because I literally remember how sick I felt as I look at them. What is funny is that I never had difficulty walking or being active the majority of my pregnancy, but during the early weeks of my first trimester I walked like a verrrrry old woman. My body was undergoing so many changes and it was physically exhausting! I remember us taking a "hike" on a very mild trail at Mt. Rainier National Park, and I could barely put one put  one foot in front of the other!

Walking through the market, the typically enticing sights and smells were so overwhelming! I did not want to eat anything, but I did enjoy a glass of icy watermelon juice! Yes, I was definitely one of those pregnant women who craved watermelon! For dinner, I had a craving for Benihana which was very close to our hotel. I just thought that drinking umbrella drinks and eating shrimp and rice sounded like the best thing ever. So funny! Unfortunately, the smell of food cooking in front of me was tortuous (I didn't really think it through...) and I ended up leaving and letting Peter finish my meal. Poor Peter.

The rest of our time in Seattle was spent in our air conditioned car! Peter did drive me up to Kerry Park so that I could enjoy my favorite view of the city.

I think my favorite thing about these photos is that in addition to capturing a specific moment in time, they are, in a sense, a glimpse into the future. At that time, I had no idea that exactly a year later I would be living in Seattle and walking these very streets with my wee baby boy and my future husband.