big life changes

Today my husband left for a five month deployment. We both fought back tears as he kissed our sleeping baby boy goodbye. I miss him already and I cannot even process what will happen in that many changes. Our lease ends in May, and I have made the big decision to return to North Carolina. There are so many reasons why that is the right choice for our family, but to name a few: 

1. Family Support 

2. Resuming my job (I have been on extended maternity leave)

3. Returning to our home in Raleigh (my parents have graciously been house sitting)

4. Peter's service in the military will end in May 2015

While returning to NC is the logical choice (it is also home!), it is such a bittersweet decision. Bainbridge Island has become a second home for us and it is such an ideal place to raise a family. I will miss our peaceful island life, lovely church, various moms' groups and a small group of women who have become so dear to me. 

And while we may return one day, I know that it is almost time for our present journey in the Pacific Northwest to come to an end. 

A new adventure awaits us...