dear henry // 13 months old

dear henry, 

I contemplated whether or not to continue these monthy letters to you after the age of one, but decided that I would like to continue for another year. You change so much every month and I really want to remember all the details. Hopefully, one day, you will want to learn about yourself at this precious age too. On that note, you should know that I bought your first pair of real shoes in the past month. Ever since you got them, you have been so excited to walk at the park, on the ferry and anywhere I will let you. Walking and learning to run is probably your favorite, followed by books. You bring them to me all day long, and I read them to you while you smile and laugh. You love to laugh, and you love to imitate my speech. You still only say a few words, but you babble with intonation. It sounds just like we are having a conversation. I am enjoying this age so much because we are connecting and sharing each day.

This is going to be a beautiful month, little boy. 

Love, Your Mama