bathroom remodel

This project has been one that I have been dreaming up for 8 years. In the end, things turned out as beautifully as I hoped, and oddly enough, it was remarkably close to what I envisioned when I began collecting bathroom clippings in the pre-pinterest era. To one own self be true, I suppose.


The remodel process was a deeply personal one for me. For a project this extensive, we had workers in and out of our bedroom on a weekly, sometimes daily basis for nearly four months. To make that feel less intrusive, we worked with our favorite handy man and contractor who is both talented and budget savvy.

With remodeling an old home, even the best workers come across bumps in the road. Most of ours dealt with unforseen costs that were unpreventable. The others were usually asthetic such as window placement and tile arrangement. But with each setback, I tried to remain calm and composed while communicating with my team.

As time went on they began to refer to me as the "boss lady" and the bathroom really started to take shape.  


  I have come to find that budget and beauty can be a tall order. To stay on budget and achieve the result I desired, I had to design the bathroom and source most materials, and that took hundreds of hours. Throughout the remodel, my contractor made suggestions on products or design solutions that I knew would not be the right choice for me. As difficult as it could be to stay no, I held my ground when it mattered most to me. I also learned when I needed to compromise, especially if functionality was concerned.

Having a trusted contractor did help us save money in the long run. It was his suggestion for us to wait on the installation of our clawfoot tub to save money on additional plumbing costs and expensive bath fixtures. Because we already have a tub in our guest bath and we will be gone for the next four years, I think that was a smart choice.  


I knew I wanted an all-white bathroom with a beveled tile shower, carrara marble vanity top, and white hexagonal tile. I wanted the bathroom to feel timeless but simple and I wanted some industrial details. To let in natural light, I opted to keep the existing cottage window and got creative with our mirror placement. This worked out to my advantage, as I now have a separate space for drying my hair and putting on makeup. 



Contractor: Dale Champlin

Tile: Home Depot

Toilet: Cimarron by Kohler

Shower Fixtures: Kohler Purist

Vanity: Bath and Kitchen Collection

Industrial Sconces: Rejevenation

Other Sconces: Restoration Hardware

Wal Paint: Horizon by Benjamin Moore

Window Sash and Mirror: Trout Gray by Benjamin Moore