dear henry // 19 months

Dear Henry, 

October has been an exciting month! 

You loved visiting the Farmer's Market and picking out a pumpkin. In fact, you loved seeing pumpkins all month long! As we walk through the neighborhood, you yelled out "Pum-tih" every time we passed one. Your dadda visited this month too! We drove up to the mountains of NC to meet your new cousin Jonah. You called him "baby Joe-ah." I love that you too are so close in age. I hope you will be close friends as you grow. At the end of the month you dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween. I could not resist this costume because you love pumpkins so much. We took you trick-or-treating at a few houses in our neighborhood and you were mesmerized by all the children in costumes and the spooky decorations.

I love you,