Independence Day

What did you do this holiday weekend? Was it a relaxing day with food and family? Did you head to the beach or the mountains for a little rest and relaxation? This July 4th, our little family opted to stay home and venture out into town for fireworks and dinner.  As a whole, it was a fairly rainy day, so our best-laid plans were replaced with the indoor playground at McDonald's. Our toddler was thrilled and admittedly, we did not mind. Thankfully, the sky cleared late in the day, which enabled us to stroll through downtown Saratoga Springs prior to the fireworks. There is nothing better than main street USA on Independence Day. Colonial flags draped the storefronts on Broadway. Shopkeepers kept their doors wide open to welcome the hundreds of patrons making their way down to Congress Park for the fireworks. Children scooted by the on sidewalk with ice cream stains on their shirts. The smell of kettle corn filled the air. 

Shortly before dusk we arrived in the park for the display; it was nothing short of magic. As the crowd gathered on the lawn under the branches of mature maple and willow trees, fireflies began to blink. The sound of running water, compliments of a spring-fed stream, provided a sense of calm to the jovial and increasingly boisterous scene. As the fireworks began, I covered Henry's ears and nervously watched for his reaction. His eyes widened and during a brief moment of quiet he murmured, "more please."