To New Pursuits

I am pretty much in disbelief that next Tuesday is mid September! The shift in seasons feels invigorating and is also motivating me to hustle for the first time in months.

Tomorrow I have my first job interview, followed by another on Wednesday. Filled with nervous excitement, I am currently up late preparing questions and making notes.  I am fortunate that I generally have good interview skills, which I attribute to fearlessness (and failures!) in my twenties and many auditions, interviews and client meetings in an wide range of fields. I am thankful for each one of these experiences as they introduced me to some amazing people and taught me some invaluable life lessons. 

As I reflect and compose myself for tomorrow, I am comforted by the slight discomfort I felt in each one of interviews that led me to where I am today. Inside I am always thinking, "How can I present the best version of myself? Is my value apparent?" And as I have gotten older... the voice also asks, "Can I make a difference here? Do I want to be a part of this project? Will my time be compensated appropriately?" I am more transparent, honest and selective in my endeavors.

Yet the nervous excitement remains...the dream of new pursuits, new challenges and a good reminder that I am always a work in progress with something left to learn. I leave you with some quotes  that are currently keeping me calm and inspired.