Block Island

We took a ferry over to Block Island, Rhode Island for the day, leaving our car in Narangassett. It was a beautiful island and one of those places where you arrive and instantly wish you had plans to stay for a week living out an island fantasy complete with quaint little cottage, beautiful garden and family trips to town by bicycle.

Admittedly, a day trip during the high season is not the most practical choice, though many people do it. The traffic and parking on the mainland makes it all a bit of a production, especially once you tack on a 55 minute ferry.

If you are patient and have a sense of adventure, this might be a day trip for you!

If you are traveling solo or sans kids, it would be incredibly easy to explore the island (it's only 10 square miles) with a bike or moped. You can take your car as well, but ferry reservations with cars are recommended months in advance. And of course, walking is always a possibility. 

When we arrived off the passenger ferry we took a $10 cab ride to the Mohegan Bluffs and lighthouse. We walked back to the Old Harbor (I would estimate 2 miles), which is a little tricky because it is a dirt road with no sidewalks and a fair amount of traffic. We had to be extra cautious with Henry, but the views were lovely. Henry was pretty happy because he thought he was in Neverland, so I kept him occupied as we looked for Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. 

Back in town, we strolled around a bit and did some people watching. There were also many options for lunch, drinks, ice cream, boat rentals or sun bathing. 

Thanks for a beautiful day, Block Island. You are the stuff New England island dreams are made of.